Creating long-term value by playing an active role in supporting founder teams

We target early stage technology companies that can gain significant value through Nogle’s proven build and grow platform, and that have a proven or promising product or service whose international expansion can be accelerated through our global resources.

“Building an idea into a company and to grow these companies into tomorrow’s market leaders, requires more than capital. It takes commitment, focus, dedication, insights and experience to be successful in building sustainable ventures.”

-Jonathan Leong

Board Member

We target high growth technology companies in Asia.

We believe that the fundamental dynamics underlying the technology industry offers ample attractive investment opportunities.

Hands-on Approach and Focused Execution

Unique Sourcing Capabilities

Technology Know-how and Expertise

Build, Grow, Accelerate

Our Portfolio

E-wallet solutions provider

Cyber security technology platform

3D virtual styling solution for online apparel retailers

Computational Thinking learning platform for kids

Peer-2-peer car insurance group buying platform

Fintech blockchain technology

Fintech blockchain technology

Cloud based encrypted messaging platform